A Barking Farewell: Local Dog-Friendly Coffee Shop to Shut Down Despite Best Efforts

Dog-friendly coffee shop, a small business, announces closure on Facebook due to challenges

Barkin’ Beans Coffee Co., a beloved dog-friendly coffee shop in Silvis, Illinois, announced on Facebook that they will be shutting down next month. Despite their best efforts to keep the business afloat through extended hours, fundraising, and social media outreach, the financial turmoil was too great to overcome. The exact closing date has not been set, but updates will be provided as soon as more information is available.

In the Facebook post, Barkin’ Beans Coffee Co. expressed gratitude to their customers and supporters for their love and appreciation for the community that has supported the business. The closure announcement was accompanied by a message of deep sadness as they prepare to say goodbye to their loyal customers and cherished community. The coffee shop confirmed that their upcoming event, Corgis and Coffee on April 6 at 10 a.m., will still take place as planned.

The owners of Barkin’ Beans Coffee Co. are determined to make the most of their remaining time in business while also cherishing the memories and connections made during their time serving the community. As they prepare to close their doors, they will continue to serve until they sell off their remaining inventory with gratitude for all those who have supported them throughout their journey in business.

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