A New Dawn for Northgate Mall: Resurrecting Lafayette’s Business Hub Through Community Pride and Local Investment

Local business owners hope for business revival on the north side

The Northgate Mall in Lafayette, Louisiana, was once the hub of local business activity. Now, with new businesses like Cristal Henry’s Glam House opening up, the mall is hoping to revive its reputation as a place to shop and do business.

Despite misconceptions that the mall is empty, there are actually 35 shops operating at Northgate, most of which are local businesses that provide valuable services to the community. Ebony Roberts, a former teacher turned skincare business owner who has been at the mall for six years, attests to the growth and potential of the area. She emphasizes that there is a strong sense of community pride in the north side of Lafayette and that by supporting local businesses, residents can help build up the area for future generations.

Christopher Rubin, a licensed cosmetologist at the mall who reminisces about its heyday, shares his hope for its revival. Over the years, businesses have moved to more modern areas on the south side of town. But Rubin believes that Northgate still has great potential and encourages other businesses to consider investing in it. With continued support and investment from both business owners and locals alike, they hope to see Northgate become a vibrant hub for both residents and visitors.

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