Arkansas Statewide Technology Commercialization Center Awarded to Fayetteville-based Startup Junkie Consulting for Strategic Growth Planning

Entrepreneurial Enthusiast Lands $1.1M Deal to Lead State Innovation Hub

Jeff Amerine, the founder and managing director of Startup Junkie Consulting, recently led a discussion on strategic growth planning for HFA in Bentonville. The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) has awarded the management contract for the Arkansas Statewide Technology Commercialization Center to Startup Junkie Consulting LLC, a Fayetteville-based company. The center, previously known as Innovate Arkansas, focuses on helping new tech entrepreneurs develop their inventions and high-tech concepts into successful businesses.

Clint O’Neal, executive director of AEDC, emphasized the importance of supporting entrepreneurs and growing high-tech companies in Arkansas. The goal of the program is to empower tech and tech-enabled ventures in Arkansas to scale their operations, create high-wage job opportunities, and drive technological innovation in the state. Since its establishment in 2008, the Arkansas Statewide Technology Commercialization Center has helped over 200 portfolio clients generate $939 million in revenue, creating more than 6,000 jobs in Arkansas. These companies have received $50.9 million in federal grants and attracted a total investment of $473.6 million.

Startup Junkie Consulting offers no-cost, one-on-one consulting services to entrepreneurs and innovators across the state of Arkansas. As a nonprofit organization founded in 2008, Startup Junkie Consulting also hosts events and workshops that provide access to capital and talent for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Amerine expressed gratitude for the partnership with AEDC in driving the development and growth of tech and tech-enabled ventures across

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