Army Prepares for Battle: Minister Papikyan Attends Baghramyan Training Camp

Display of military gear and live fire exercises at the “Baghramyan” training camp

At the “Baghramyan” military training camp, operational meetings took place with demonstrations of military equipment and combat shooting. Defense Minister Suren Papikyan and the leadership of the General Staff of the Armed Forces were in attendance. According to the Ministry of Defense, units participating in the exercise practiced scenarios of transitioning from defensive positions to defense using various weapons to secure the terrain.

Minister Papikyan observed the military exercises via video recordings from different angles and examined new military industry models. He emphasized the importance of working with military manufacturers daily to equip the armed forces with innovative and effective weapons.

Afterward, Minister Papikyan discussed complex measures implemented during operational meetings with participating officers. He summarized the four-day event and gave relevant instructions for future operations, highlighting his dedication to ensuring the preparedness and effectiveness of the armed forces.

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