Baffling Burglaries: Palm Beach County Investigates Strange Criminal Pattern

Sheriff’s Office in Palm Beach County Investigating Series of Business Break-Ins

In Palm Beach County, a series of burglaries have occurred over the past year and a half, with the suspects targeting businesses that have ATMs inside. Investigators believe that the thieves may be connected by their inventory and have used tools to break into the ATMs. These crimes have caused concern among residents like Jean Patten, whose community has been affected.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office recently posted about these crimes on social media, sparking safety concerns among residents. Surveillance images of a possible suspect show an individual wearing a hoodie and other face coverings. Investigators believe that this person may not be acting alone and is using tools to break into ATMs. Some businesses targeted by these crimes have cameras, but the threat still remains.

Patten, along with other concerned customers, is appealing to the suspect on a personal level, asking them to consider how they would feel if the situation were reversed. She also urges the criminals to pursue legitimate employment opportunities. If anyone has information about these crimes, they are encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 800-458-TIPS. The sheriff’s office is determined to stop the person behind these crimes from continuing to terrorize businesses in the area.

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