Belgian Agriculture Minister David Clarinval Addresses Farmers’ Protests: Streamlining Admin and Boosting Income Through New Measures

EU presidency farmers propose income increase

Belgian Agriculture Minister, David Clarinval, spoke to the press upon his arrival at the Agriculture Council regarding the ongoing demonstrations by farmers outside the Council’s walls. He emphasized that steps have already been taken to address administrative simplification and increase income for farmers. The goal is to provide greater flexibility in the Common Agricultural Policy to support farmers and ensure fair remuneration.

Clarinval mentioned plans to introduce measures for winter coverage and crop rotations with less complexity. Additionally, a price observatory with price thresholds will be established to help respond to price changes. Trade measures against Russian cereals are also being considered as part of the strategy to support agricultural competitiveness and food sovereignty at the European level.

The Minister expressed hope for agreement to continue dialogue with the European Parliament before the upcoming elections to ensure the well-being of European agriculture. The focus is on guaranteeing good competitiveness for farmers and fair remuneration. Clarinval’s proposals aim to streamline administrative processes, provide more flexibility, and support farmers in increasing their income.

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