Boosting Economic Cooperation between Libya and China: Highlights from the Libyan Chinese Joint Economic Chamber Meeting

Minister of Economy Hwej urges for the Libyan Chinese Joint Economic Chamber to be activated

The Libyan Chinese Joint Economic Chamber held a meeting today with Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohamed Al-Hwej, at the Ministry’s headquarters in Tripoli. During the discussion, the purpose of which was to review and follow up on the Chamber’s work plan, Minister Al-Hwej emphasized the need to activate the Joint Chamber, facilitate its operations through the private sector, and strengthen economic cooperation between Libya and China.

To further promote trade and investment communication between Libya and China, Minister Al-Hwej issued a directive to encourage the formation of cooperation committees between the two countries. He also highlighted the importance of creating partnership opportunities for private sectors in both countries. Moreover, he emphasized that attracting Chinese investors to invest in Libya would lead to diversification of income sources.

The participants also discussed organizing a Libyan Chinese economic forum in Tripoli during last quarter of 2024. This forum aims to enhance economic cooperation and collaboration between the two countries even further. It is worth noting that Minister Al-Hwej had previously issued Resolution No. 253 in 2024 regarding the establishment of the Libyan side of the Libyan Chinese Joint Economic Chamber, taking into account the size and characteristics of China’s economy.

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