Breaking Barriers: Addressing Implicit Biases in Healthcare through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Memorial Health System holds panel discussion for Women’s History Month focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Memorial Health System in Gulfport, Mississippi held an important discussion as part of its DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) program to close out Women’s History Month. The hospital invited staff and community members to join in on the conversation during a panel held on Tuesday morning. This year, the discussion focused on the national theme of women advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

During the panel, Erin Rosetti, Memorial Health System Communications Manager, emphasized the importance of recognizing and addressing implicit biases when it comes to opportunities and experiences. Listening and understanding someone’s perspective can help break down barriers and create a healthier community with better relationships with others.

The panel featured Chief Nursing Officer Mary Brobst, Director of Patient Financial Services Crystal Bowler, Healthcare Accreditation Coordinator Lucinda L’Enfant, and Family Nurse Practitioner Diane Edrington. This marked the third year that the panel was held, with Rosetti noting the program’s expansion and its positive impact on the community.

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