Breaking Barriers: Jacksonville Hosts Armenian Women Leaders for Empowering Collaboration in National Women’s History Month

This Week in Jacksonville: Business News

During National Women’s History Month, Jacksonville played host to a group of women Asian leaders from Armenia. The Beaches Rotary Clubs welcomed the delegation, which included Karine Davtyan, the president, project manager, and lawyer for Women’s Rights House, and Anahit Badalyan, the founder and director of the Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation.

Their agenda included events such as The Players Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach and meetings with elected officials like Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan, St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Sikes-Kline, Jacksonville Beach Mayor Christine Hoffman, and Neptune Beach Mayor Elaine Brown.

Both women shared their reasons for joining the delegation and expressed their desire to learn from the American experience to bring new ideas back to their region. Badalyan found it inspiring to meet with mayors and emphasized the power of women coming together. She highlighted the dedication and commitment of the mayors to their jobs and noted the support they received. This experience was an opportunity for the delegation to learn from American women leaders and exchange ideas that could benefit their communities.

Overall, the meeting between the Armenian Delegation and Jacksonville’s women leaders was a meaningful and informative exchange of ideas and experiences that helped further empowerment and collaboration among women from different backgrounds and regions.

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