Breakthrough in Gaza Peace Talks: US Pushes for Immediate Ceasefire with New Resolution

The US requests a Security Council vote to endorse the suggested Gaza ceasefire

On Sunday, the United States officially submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council urging Israel and Hamas to implement a ceasefire agreement in Gaza with immediate effect. The vote was expected to occur on Monday, pending approval from South Korea’s presidency of the Council.

The proposed agreement outlines a three-phase plan for achieving lasting peace in Gaza. It was initially presented by President Joe Biden at the end of May and has since been revised to emphasize the need for both parties to accept and fully implement its terms without delay. Key elements of the plan include an immediate ceasefire, release of hostages, withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, and entry of humanitarian aid.

Despite criticism from some countries for blocking previous drafts, this new resolution represents a significant step forward in diplomatic efforts to achieve peace in Gaza. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is currently touring the Middle East to promote the ceasefire plan, even as political turmoil in Israel and Hamas’s response raise uncertainties about its success.

The resignation of Benny Gantz, who served as Defense Minister under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, further complicates matters. Blinken’s visit will also focus on reopening the Rafah crossing point between Egypt and Gaza to address the escalating humanitarian crisis caused by its closure. This move has worsened food shortages and deepened fears of famine in Gaza.

Blinken’s diplomatic efforts aim to build consensus among key stakeholders and mitigate obstacles to implementing the ceasefire plan successfully. Despite challenges ahead, including potential pushback from some countries, the United States remains committed to working towards a sustainable peace agreement that benefits both Israelis and Palestinians alike.

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