Brewery Emperial Thrives in the Heart of Kansas City’s Dynamic Crossroads District

Business owners in the Crossroads District optimistic about potential increase in business with new ballpark opening.

In the heart of Kansas City, change is a constant, with development projects having the potential to greatly impact businesses in the area. One such business, Brewery Emperial, is situated in a prime location in the Crossroads district and stands to benefit from these developments. Located in a strategic spot that is not too close to disruptive construction yet not too far to feel isolated from the changes, the brewery’s owners are optimistic about the future.

Rich Kasyjanski, one of the brewery’s owners, sees the potential for increased business with the development of a downtown ballpark nearby. He envisions a scenario where patrons can easily walk from the ballpark to the bar, creating a synergy that benefits both establishments. Reflecting on the changes he has witnessed since moving to the area in 1995, Kasyjanski acknowledges the revitalization of the Crossroads district, noting the increase in activity, residence and entertainment options in

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