Chef Jeffrey Schlissel Breaks the Taboo: Prioritizing Mental Health in the Culinary Industry

Special Events and the Impact on Mental Health and ROI

Chef Jeffrey Schlissel recently discussed the importance of integrating mental health into business strategies in a Catersource magazine article. Growing up, Schlissel’s parents emphasized the taboo nature of conversations surrounding religion and politics, yet never addressed the topic of mental health. However, this changed when he witnessed the tragic suicide of Chef Anthony Bourdain in June 2018.

The suicide prompted a discussion on mental health within the culinary community at an American Culinary Federation convention later that year. Schlissel recalls a poignant moment with a chef who opened up about his own suicide attempt and the crucial role his wife played in saving his life. This moment served as a wakeup call for Schlissel and others in attendance, prompting them to realize that it was time to address the prevalent mental health challenges faced by those in the industry.

Schlissel’s experience at the convention inspired him to speak up and shine a light on the importance of prioritizing mental health in the culinary world. By sharing his story and encouraging others to do the same, Schlissel hopes to create a more supportive and understanding environment within the industry. The article highlights how breaking the silence surrounding mental health can lead to a more open culture of support and understanding in the workplace.

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