Clinging to the Past: The Obsession with Holding onto Old Electronic Devices in Spain

Spanish homes are filled with outdated technological devices gathering dust in drawers

A new study on the use and consumption of technology in 2024 has brought to light that a significant number of Spaniards are holding onto obsolete electronic devices at home. The trend is widespread, with 85 percent of the population admitting to keeping at least one unused device, ranging from smartphones to multimedia players and computer accessories.

The favorite “relic” among Spaniards is their old mobile phones, with 67 percent admitting to holding onto older models. However, drawers and storage rooms also house media players, computers, video game consoles, and virtual reality headsets. The main reasons for keeping these devices include the possibility of needing them in the future, nostalgia, or simply forgetting about them.

Despite the attachment to outdated devices, many people acknowledge that they could part with them eventually. Some reasons for getting rid of obsolete devices include selling them second hand for economic benefit, creating more space at home, or ensuring they will never be used again.

The study highlights the mixed emotions and practical considerations that come into play when deciding whether to keep or discard old technology. With the rapid pace of technological advancements, it’s important for individuals to strike a balance between holding onto sentimental items and decluttering their living spaces.

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