Collision at Tullahoma Regional Airport; Talk of the Town Celebrates 40th Anniversary”.

Collision between business jet and another plane on the runway at Tullahoma Regional Airport

On Wednesday, around 11:30 a.m., a collision occurred at Tullahoma Regional Airport between a business jet and a Diamond DA-42 plane. The Federal Aviation Administration reported the incident, which took place while the DA-42 was taxiing, or moving on the runway. The business jet involved was a Cessna Citation II with six people on board, while there was no one on the Diamond DA-42. Fortunately, no injuries were reported as a result of the collision.

Meanwhile, Talk of the Town is celebrating its 40th anniversary. This long-running talk show has become one of the longest-lasting programs of its kind in the country, with names like Bob Lobertini, Chris Clark, Hope Hines, and Oprah associated with it over the years. Iconic shows such as Night Train and Hee Haw have also left their mark on the program’s history. A special anniversary celebration is taking place to reflect on this milestone moment in Talk of the Town’s history. For more information about this event and updates as they become available, stay tuned to NewsChannel 5.

The FAA is currently investigating the incident involving the business jet and Diamond DA-42 planes at Tullahoma Regional Airport. They are expected to provide a preliminary report within a few days. However, at this time there are no further details available about what caused the collision or any potential damages that may have occurred.

As we continue to celebrate Talk of the Town’s 40th anniversary and reflect on its storied past, let us also remember that aviation safety remains a top priority for all those who fly or work in this industry. We look forward to hearing more updates from both events as they unfold in coming weeks and months.

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