Darvin Ham Heads Home as Assistant Coach for Milwaukee Bucks: A Look at His Career and Expectations for the Future

Darvin Ham, Former Lakers’ Coach, to Join Milwaukee Bucks’ Coaching Staff

Milwaukee Bucks have announced the hiring of former Lakers coach Darvin Ham as an assistant to former Clippers coach Doc Rivers. Ham had initially considered taking a break from coaching before joining the Bucks. This move will see him return to his top assistant role with a new team.

During his tenure with the Lakers, Ham led the team to a 90-74 record and won the inaugural in-season tournament title. Additionally, he coached in the Western Conference finals. However, despite losing eight of nine games against Denver Nuggets in two playoff series, Ham’s coaching abilities caught the attention of Milwaukee Bucks.

Prior to his time with the Lakers, Ham spent four seasons working for Mike Budenholzer in Milwaukee. Budenholzer had expressed interest in bringing Ham back to his staff in Phoenix but ultimately lost out on his services. With Ham leaving the Lakers, they are now searching for his replacement.

This new chapter for Darvin Ham marks a significant milestone in his coaching career. His success and experience make him a valuable addition to Milwaukee’s coaching staff.

Ham’s departure from Los Angeles comes after two consecutive playoff losses against Denver Nuggets during which he lost eight of nine games. Despite this setback, he has been recognized for his exceptional performance throughout the season and is excited about this opportunity to join Doc Rivers and become an assistant coach with Milwaukee Bucks.

Ham is well known as one of Mike Budenholzer’s top assistants during their time together in Milwaukee, where they worked together for four seasons before Ham left for Los Angeles.

With this decision, Darvin Ham is looking forward to returning home and working alongside Doc Rivers as an assistant coach with Milwaukee Bucks.

The addition of Darvin Ham to Doc Rivers’ staff is expected to bring fresh perspectives and ideas that will help improve their team’s overall performance next season.

In conclusion, Darvin Ham’s decision to join Milwaukee’s coaching staff marks a significant move for both him and the organization. As one of Mike Budenholzer’s top assistants during their time together in Milwaukee, he has proven himself capable of leading teams towards success on multiple occasions. With Doc Rivers at the helm, it remains to be seen what kind of impact this partnership will have on both individuals and their respective teams moving forward.

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