Detroit Public Health Week Offers Free Health Screenings and Celebrates Culture in Health

Attend free health screenings during Detroit’s Public Health Week

In Detroit, during Public Health Week from April 1 to April 6, residents will have the chance to receive free health screenings. Hosted by the Detroit Health Department, this event is open to everyone and requires no appointment, ID, or health insurance to participate.

This year’s theme for the event is “Centering and Celebrating Culture in Health,” which highlights the importance of cultural influences on health. The Detroit Health Department is collaborating with Detroit police precincts, recreation centers, and other community partners to host the event.

Residents can take advantage of free health screenings and engage in activities promoting a healthy lifestyle. Screenings include checks for blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, kidney function, HIV, and syphilis testing. Additionally, there will be fitness classes, CPR training, Narcan training and kit distribution, mental health screenings, lead screenings, and a men’s panel discussion called Cuts and Conversations.

The events will take place at various locations throughout Detroit on specific dates and times listed on the flyer for Detroit Public Health Week 2024. To learn more about the week of events or how to get involved with this initiative visit

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