Diplomatic Efforts to End the Conflict in Ukraine Gain Momentum, with Germany Playing a Key Role

Olaf Scholz pledges Ukraine is exploring avenues for peace talks with Russia

Diplomatic efforts to end the ongoing conflict in Ukraine are gaining momentum, with several countries, including Germany, actively participating in discussions. In an interview with the newspaper Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz revealed that there are ongoing talks among defense advisors on how to initiate a peace process. While Scholz did not specify which governments were involved, he emphasized that these discussions would be conducted discreetly.

The Ukrainian press has reacted strongly to Scholz’s comments. Last February, his remarks about British and French soldiers operating long-range missiles in Ukraine sparked controversy. The official position of the Ukrainian Presidency is that there is no direct contact with Russia, and the only path to peace is through President Volodymyr Zelensky’s 10-point proposal. This proposal emphasizes that negotiations are not possible unless Moscow withdraws its troops from the 25% of Ukraine’s territory that it is occupying illegally.

The United States and European powers, led by Germany and France, currently believe that Ukraine should determine the terms and conditions for negotiations to end the conflict. Scholz noted that the simplest way to halt the war would be for Russian President Vladimir Putin to order his army to leave Ukraine. He also mentioned that both sides have previously negotiated on various issues with the help of international mediators, such as prisoner exchanges and security at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

However, Germany has been sending messages to counter French aggression towards Russia. Chancellor Scholz has firmly opposed French President Emmanuel Macron’s idea of sending troops to Ukraine and supplying long-range missiles to Kyiv. Despite this, Germany remains Ukraine’s second-largest military ally after the United States. Scholz has emphasized his commitment to preventing a war between NATO and Russia and stated that he will do everything possible in this regard.

Recently, Scholz made headlines for mediating to prevent a Russian nuclear attack on Ukraine at the end of 2022. According to Rolf Mützenich of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD), Scholz asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to communicate with Putin about atomic weapons never being used again. Xi reportedly intervened with Putin and deterred any potential threat.

These developments shed light on the complex diplomatic efforts being made by several countries involved in ending the conflict in Ukraine.

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Several countries are actively engaging in discussions on how to bring an end

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