Economic Challenges and Opportunities: Insights from the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects Report and a Brookings Institution Panel Discussion

Could the global economy finally be emerging from the storm?

Despite a significant increase in global interest rates, the global economy has managed to avoid the worst-case scenarios. While fears of a recession or stagflation have not materialized, challenges remain. Inflation has been halved, but many economies are still facing issues such as trade disputes, armed conflict, and high inflation rates. Sovereign debt levels also remain a concern.

As we look forward to the next year or two and beyond, it is important to consider what steps policymakers can take to ensure continued economic progress. The upcoming June 2024 edition of the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects report will provide valuable insights into these questions, including the role of public and private investment in driving economic development.

On Thursday, June 20th, the Brookings Institution’s Global Economy and Development program will host a panel of experts to discuss the current state of the global economy and their predictions for the future. Brahima S. Coulibaly, vice president of the program, will provide introductory remarks before presenting on the latest Global Economic Prospects report from the World Bank Group. Robin Brooks, a senior fellow at Brookings Institution will moderate a panel discussion with leading experts in the field.

The event promises to be an informative discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing

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