Estée Lauder Fosters the Next Generation of STEM Professionals with Cutting-Edge Technology and Hands-on Events

Estée Lauder Showcases Next-Gen Talent in Early Science Program

Estée Lauder is passionate about nurturing the future generation of professionals in the consumer goods industry. To achieve this, the company hosts STEM-related events for local children and teens in Long Island, New York. These events showcase the technology behind Estée Lauder’s beauty products and ignite interest in potential STEM careers through engaging hands-on activities focused on natural ingredients, product formulation, package design, sustainability, and 3D design.

Simona Sitarus, director of R&D product formulation at Estée Lauder, emphasized the importance of chemistry, biology, and engineering in the production of their products. She aims to spark excitement for science and educate future STEM talent in Long Island by providing valuable insights into these fields through her work with local schools and community organizations.

Estée Lauder also offers networking and growth opportunities for the next generation workforce through its applied learning program at Farmingdale State College and its partnership with the Girl Scouts of Nassau County STEM Conference. Many professionals from the company began their full-time careers at Estée Lauder through completion of its R&D summer internship program.

Sharon Mesfen, an Estée Lauder fellow in advanced technology pioneering, shared the company’s goal to inspire students to consider and pursue careers in STEM fields. The goal is to encourage young individuals to explore opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math.

In addition to its commitment to education and career development, Estée Lauder has embraced cutting-edge technology such as Google Cloud early on to enhance its AI-powered tech strategy. This has improved digital experiences for customers and supported R&D efforts within the company. Furthermore, Estée Lauder has been an early partner of OpenAI’s generative AI platform, demonstrating its dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

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