Evo Morales’ 2025 Presidential Candidacy Threatens to Plunge Bolivia into Chaos.

Disqualification in Bolivia Will Result in Chaos

Bolivian ex-president Evo Morales has warned that the country will face chaos if his candidacy for the 2025 presidential elections is disqualified. He accused the government of Luis Arce, a fellow member of his party, of trying to prevent him from running again despite their conflict.

Morales believes that he is legally and constitutionally qualified to run for president in 2025 based on consultations with legal experts. However, last year’s ruling by the Constitutional Court stating that indefinite reelection is not a human right has led Morales to believe that his candidacy may be disqualified.

As the ruling Movement towards Socialism celebrates its 29th anniversary this year, there are two separate celebrations taking place – one in La Paz and another in Yapacaní, Santa Cruz. Morales has criticized the Arce Administration for not fulfilling its mandate to prosecute those involved in the 2019 crisis and coup against Morales.

Morales’ resignation in 2019 was due to a coup d’état, he claims, and he had hoped to return to give himself justice. There is also division within the MAS party over the legality of the congress that re-elected Morales and the call for another congress by pro-government sectors. Morales maintains that the congress that re-elected him met all requirements and that the electoral body acted illegally.

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Overall, Bolivia remains a country divided between different factions and ideologies, with Evo Morales continuing his fight for justice despite facing potential obstacles from those who want him out of office.

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