Expanding its Reach: STEMMER IMAGING AG Acquires Phase 1 Technology to Boost Machine Vision Solutions in North America

STEMMER IMAGING Completes Acquisition of Phase 1 Technology Corp. in March 2024

Phase 1 Technology, a leading machine vision technology supplier based in New York, has recently agreed to be acquired by STEMMER IMAGING AG. This acquisition is a strategic move for STEMMER to expand its presence in North America and provide customers with an even broader selection of machine vision solutions.

Phase 1 Technology is known for its vertically integrated distribution model and offers a comprehensive range of machine vision products such as cameras, sensors, lenses, industrial lighting, frame grabbers, and interface boards. The company has built strong relationships with top manufacturers in the industry, including JAI, Teledyne, Hamamatsu, Baumer, and Sony. With this acquisition, STEMMER aims to strengthen its position in the market by providing customers with access to high-quality and innovative vision technologies from these top manufacturers.

STEMMER will not only enhance its product portfolio but also benefit from the expertise and market knowledge of Phase 1 Technology. By combining their resources and capabilities, the two companies aim to provide customers with superior technical solutions and services. The acquisition is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of 2024 and marks a significant step in STEMMER’s growth strategy in North America.

In conclusion, this acquisition will enable STEMMER IMAGING AG to expand its reach in North America while enhancing its product offerings with state-of-the-art machine vision technologies from top manufacturers like JAI, Teledyne, Hamamatsu, Baumer and Sony.

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