Exploring the Russian Investigation: Ukraine and the Moscow Concert Hall Attack

Moscow attackers allegedly funded by Ukraine, White House dismisses claims as baseless

The Investigative Committee of Russia has released evidence linking the Islamist gunmen responsible for the deadly attack on a concert theater in Moscow to Ukrainian nationalists. They have arrested another suspect who was involved in financing the terrorists and allegedly received significant sums of cash and cryptocurrencies from Ukraine for the preparation of the crime.

The attack at Crocus City Hall concert hall resulted in over 140 deaths and more than 150 people being hospitalized. The suspects, including terrorists who directly participated in the attack, were arrested in the Bryansk region as they attempted to escape. Russia has acknowledged that the attack was carried out by Islamists but is still searching for a possible “Ukrainian footprint.”

The White House condemned Russia’s attempts to link Ukraine to the attack, calling it propaganda. However, Ukraine has denied any involvement in the incident, which is considered one of Russia’s deadliest attacks in recent years. The investigation continues as authorities gather more evidence and detain individuals linked to the crime.

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