Famed Scientists Urge President Macri to Invest in Science Amidst Economic Challenges

Argentine organizations criticize the firing of science employees

A group of scientists and researchers from around the world have written to President Mauricio Macri to express their concerns about the impact of recent measures taken by the government on Argentina’s scientific community. They warn that Argentina is at risk of abandoning its scientists, students, and future leaders in the field.

In a letter signed by over 60 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Economics, Medicine, and Physics, they argue that cuts made by the government to the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and national universities reflect a dangerous devaluation of citizens and the future of Argentina. They emphasize the importance of having strong infrastructure for science to prevent helplessness and vulnerability and enable technological advancement and workforce training.

The authors also mention that over 50,000 national public administration workers have been laid off during this time, with another 70,000 contracts not being renewed. The letter concludes by stressing that economic and social progress is directly linked to public investment in science and technology. They urge the government to restore constrained budgets before it’s too late.

The National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development, and Innovation (ANIDTTI) has condemned the termination of labor contracts as well as cuts made by the government in CONICET. Members of ANIDTTI are calling for immediate action to reincorporate all workers who have been laid off or had their contracts not renewed.

“We cannot let our country’s scientific sector fall into oblivion,” said Maria Gonzales, president of ANIDTTI. “We need everyone here now more than ever.”

The agency is also advocating for increased funding for science research programs to ensure that Argentina remains competitive globally. “Science is crucial for our country’s economic growth,” said Gonzales.

“We are concerned that these actions will destroy a system that took years to build,” said Dr. Jose Lopez, a prominent scientist who signed the letter.

“Scientists are not just lab rats or technicians,” he added. “They are critical thinkers who contribute significantly to society.”

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