Feds Seek Public Feedback on Draft Strategy for Coordinating Health IT Systems and Improving Patient Care Delivery

Draft Strategy Released by HHS to Promote Federal Health IT Adoption.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is seeking feedback from the industry on a draft strategy aimed at coordinating federal health information technology systems to improve patient care delivery. The draft 2024-2030 Federal Health IT Strategic Plan sets out goals to enhance health data access, promote healthcare equity, and update public health data infrastructure.

The plan focuses on four main objectives: promoting health and wellness, improving care delivery, speeding up research and innovation, and linking the health system with health data. Micky Tripathi, the national coordinator for health information technology, stated that ONC collaborated with over 25 federal agencies in developing the draft plan to align and coordinate health IT efforts throughout the federal government.

According to Tripathi, these federal agencies play various roles in regulating, procuring, developing, and utilizing health IT to deliver care and enhance health outcomes. They are increasingly reliant on the access, exchange, and utilization of electronic health information to effectively carry out their missions. The public is invited to provide comments on the draft plan until May 28th.

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