Fostering Diversity on Stage: Fresh Arts and TEATRX Collaborate to Empower Latinx Voices in the Houston Theatre Scene.

Houston’s changemaking performing arts organizations come together to celebrate World Theatre Day

In honor of World Theatre Day on March 27, we are examining the impact of theatre on our community. Fresh Arts, a non-profit organization that supports local artists through resources and connections, has been working with TEATRX, a local production company, since 2019. Recently, Angela Carranza from Fresh Arts and Benito Vasquez from TEATRX sat down with Houston Life to discuss their partnership and its goals.

One of the main objectives of their collaboration is empowering Latinx voices, artists, and their stories. By providing support and resources, Fresh Arts and TEATRX are amplifying diverse voices in the Houston theatre scene. This partnership not only highlights the rich cultural heritage of the Latinx community but also promotes greater representation and inclusivity within the local arts scene.

Through their efforts, Fresh Arts and TEATRX are demonstrating the importance of supporting and uplifting artists from all backgrounds. By working together, they are creating a more vibrant and diverse theatre community in Houston. We look forward to seeing how their partnership continues to make a positive impact on the local arts scene for years to come.

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