From a Layperson to Metalwork Master: The Journey of Airman Jacalyn Cox

DVIDS News: Airman Cox in Metals Technology

Airman Jacalyn Cox, who grew up in Madison, New Hampshire, has recently joined the metals technology shop at the 157th Air Refueling Wing. Despite having no prior experience with maintenance or metalworking, Cox was drawn to this career path because of its intrigue. After attending technical school to learn the basics, she became even more captivated by the field.

During her upbringing, Cox did not have any experience with metalworking or maintenance. However, as an aircraft metal technology specialist, she now works in a joint office that completes fabrications and designs critical tools for the KC-46. Although she was initially intimidated by the machinery at the base, Cox has discovered a passion for welding and enjoys working with new tools.

Cox joined the unit because of her father, Master Sgt. Jeremy Cox, who has served in the New Hampshire Air National Guard for over 20 years as a crew chief with the 157th Maintenance Group. She admires her father’s career and wanted to follow in his footsteps. The base now feels like a second home to her.

After completing Basic Military Training and technical school, Cox is eager to pursue further education and certification in her newfound trades. She is excited about the possibilities ahead and is considering attending college while also working full-time at the base. Every day, she gets to work with different machines and finds joy in the variety and challenges that her job presents. Cox has quickly developed a deep appreciation for her work and is enthusiastic about her future in the metals technology shop.

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