From Healthcare Expansion to Juvenile Justice: A Diverse Show of News and Insights

Digital investigation unit harnessing technology to solve cases

Today, we have a packed show with exciting news from various sectors. Avera Health announced their plans to expand their women’s, children’s, and digestive health services. Chief Nursing Officer Tamera Larsen-Engelkes shared the details of these expansions and how they will benefit the community.

Meanwhile, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley discussed his successful legislative session and the reasons behind his office receiving funds to create a digital investigation unit and expand how law enforcement uses technology. This move is expected to enhance the efficiency of investigations in the state.

In other news, Garrick Moritz, the editor of the Garretson Gazette, took over as our Dakota Political Junkie and dove into the controversy surrounding Senate Bill 201. His analysis provides valuable insights into the compromise reached between different parties involved in the bill.

SDPB’s C.J. Keene also shed light on petitions calling for hand counting ballots in the state. His report highlights both sides of this ongoing debate and offers an informed perspective on this critical issue.

Finally, we learned about a new program that aims to help women and trans musicians transition from open mic performances to professional ones. This initiative is an excellent example of how communities can support aspiring artists in their journey towards success. SDPB’s Jackie Hendry also previewed her upcoming “South Dakota Focus” episode on juvenile justice and shared why she sees it as a hopeful story that deserves more attention.

Overall, today’s show was full of informative segments that covered a wide range of topics affecting our community and state.

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