From Overwatch to Call of Duty: A New Free-to-Play Multiplayer Shooter Thrills Gamers

Is XDefiant, the new “Call of Duty Assassin,” worth playing?

A new free-to-play multiplayer shooter game, “XDefiant,” has been developed by Ubisoft San Francisco and is being compared to “Call of Duty” due to its fast-paced combat experience and emphasis on aim and reflexes. The game features four of its five game modes borrowed from “Overwatch,” with unique prototypes or heroes that have distinct abilities. Classes in “XDefiant” are based on factions from various Ubisoft franchises, each fulfilling a specific role. The game attracted three million players in its first week of release, indicating a positive reception. However, the game’s free-to-play mechanics may slow progression and require significant time or monetary investment for certain content unlocks. Despite its shortcomings, “XDefiant” offers an entertaining experience with unique qualities that cater to FPS fans.

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