Google and Qualcomm Technologies Collaborate on a High-Speed, Secure Browser Optimized for ARM-Based PCs

Chrome for PC now equipped with Snapdragon Technology

Google and Qualcomm Technologies have collaborated to release a special version of Chrome specifically optimized for devices powered by Snapdragon technology. This new browser is now available, marking an important step towards ARM-based PCs and advanced features, including experiments with generative artificial intelligence. As Senior Vice President, Hiroshi Lockheimer emphasized the significance of this partnership in enhancing Chrome to be a fast, secure, and user-friendly browser across desktop and mobile platforms.

The collaboration between Google and Qualcomm has a long history dating back to the introduction of the first Android phone in 2008. They have worked on various projects together, from wearables to recent XR initiatives, reaffirming their commitment to advancing technology.

Cristiano Amon, President and CEO of Qualcomm Inc., highlighted the importance of this partnership in the context of the evolving PC industry. With the emergence of the AI PC era, the new version of Chrome for Snapdragon showcases the capabilities of the browser and sets the stage for transformative changes in the use of Windows PCs. This collaboration promises a future where speed, security, and usability reach new heights of excellence.

Google is dedicated to making Chrome one of the fastest, most secure browsers out there. To that end, they have been working with Qualcomm Technologies to create a version that is optimized for devices powered by Snapdragon technology. The result is a browser that is faster than ever before while still maintaining its high level of security.

One feature that sets this version apart is its use of generative artificial intelligence (AI). This means that as you browse through websites using Chrome for Snapdragon, it will generate content based on your interests and preferences. This can make your browsing experience more personalized and engaging.

In addition to these advanced features, Chrome for Snapdragon also offers all the usual features you would expect from Google’s popular browser. It’s easy to use across both desktop and mobile platforms, so you can seamlessly transition between your computer and smartphone without missing a beat.

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