Google’s Search Generative Experience: Revolutionizing Trip Planning with AI-Powered Itineraries

AI-powered Google tool creates personalized travel itineraries for users through generative search experience

Google is introducing a new feature called Search Generative Experience (SGE) that allows users to plan trips and create itineraries using AI. This experimental feature was introduced at Google I/O last year and provides multiple perspectives on search queries by offering overviews and additional links at the top of search results.

Initially available in the United States in English, SGE has since expanded to countries like Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, and South Africa, with language support in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Indonesian. Recently, Google has introduced new capabilities powered by generative AI in Search to assist with trip planning. Users can now receive suggestions for activities, restaurants, flights, and hotels all organized in one place for easy comparison and deeper exploration.

The itineraries displayed will include information such as reviews, links

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