Gravity’s Impact on Plant Growth: A Fascinating Look with Dr. Sarah Wyatt at Ohio University’s Science Café

Science Café on April 3 to Showcase Dr. Sarah Wyatt and her Talk on ‘Growing Plants in Space’

Dr. Sarah Wyatt will be the featured guest for the final Science Café event of the spring semester on Wednesday, April 3 at 5 p.m. This unique event will take place at The Front Room Coffeehouse in Baker University Center and will also be live-streamed via YouTube. In addition, free coffee coupons will be provided to the first 50 people who arrive in person.

The presentation, entitled “Growing (Plants) Beyond Gravity,” will explore how gravity impacts plant growth and the positioning of various plant parts such as leaves, stems, roots, flowers, seeds, and fruits. Dr. Wyatt and her students will showcase how they study the effects of gravity on plants, including recent experiments conducted aboard the International Space Station.

Dr. Sarah Wyatt is a professor in the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology within the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio University. Her research focuses on molecular mechanisms of signaling in plant responses, particularly how plants react to gravity. She has published numerous papers on this topic and has received several awards for her work in this field.

The Science Café series at Ohio University is made possible thanks to support from the Ohio University Research Division and the Ohio University Chapter of Sigma Xi. This organization is dedicated to promoting scientific literacy and encouraging scientific curiosity among students and members of the community alike. The Science Café events provide an opportunity for researchers to share their findings with a wider audience in a relaxed and informal setting

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