LinkedIn Tests New Video Feature Similar to TikTok, Focuses on Promoting Videos as a Valuable Medium for User Engagement

LinkedIn experimenting with a short video format reminiscent of TikTok

LinkedIn is currently testing a new feature that will display short videos in a format similar to TikTok. The strategy director of the McKinney agency, Austin Null, confirmed the testing of this new feature in the mobile application.

The platform currently consists of sections such as ‘Home’, ‘My network’, ‘Messages’, ‘Jobs’, ‘Notifications’, and ‘User account settings’. However, with the addition of the new ‘Video’ tab, users can now scroll through short vertical videos that showcase professionals and experts.

LinkedIn has acknowledged that there is a growing preference among users for videos to learn from experts. While details about how videos will be selected for users’ feeds have not been disclosed, the platform is focusing on promoting videos as a valuable medium for user engagement. This feature is currently in the testing phase and will be added to the navigation bar for easy access to short-format videos.

Apart from the video feature, LinkedIn has also made strides in showcasing job listings and professional content. The platform’s focus on integrating various formats and features aims to enhance user experience and provide valuable resources for job seekers and professionals.

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