Lockton Appoints Seasoned Professional to Lead Global Technology Risk Practice Group

Lockton hires technology risk expert from Marsh following a 20-year tenure.

As a leading global brokerage company, Lockton has recently appointed Manpreet Gill, a seasoned professional from Marsh, to establish and expand its global technology risk practice group. This group’s focus will be on creating solutions to manage technology-related risks for businesses. With nearly two decades of experience from Marsh, where he held leadership roles within the technology practice, managing relationships with some of the largest and most innovative technology clients, Gill brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role at Lockton.

Gill is excited about joining Lockton and working with the team to address the most pressing risks facing their clients. He emphasized the need for companies to adapt to new challenges and look toward the future with confidence. Through his role at Lockton, Gill will help clients tackle their biggest risks and find solutions that will enable them to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

The appointment of Gill highlights Lockton’s dedication to building a team that is able to navigate the constantly changing landscape of technology risks. These risks have become more critical and complex for companies due to changes in regulations, business models, and consumer preferences. As technology-driven companies around the world face ongoing changes, the importance of insurance and risk management advice has never been higher. By establishing this new practice group, Lockton is positioning itself as a leader in providing innovative solutions for managing these risks.

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