Lufthansa-Group, AUA Workers Face Off in Collective Bargaining Dispute: The Importance of Fair Pay and Compensation

Lufthansa aims to transform AUA into a budget airline

The dispute over the collective bargaining agreement at AUA continues, resulting in flight cancellations over Easter. Vida Chairman Roman Hebenstreit has criticized both AUA and the Lufthansa-Group for their handling of the situation. He argued that there are inequalities in pay between Lufthansa and AUA employees, citing a 40% difference in salaries. He emphasized the importance of fair compensation for employees, especially considering the responsibility they have for the safety of passengers.

Hebenstreit also criticized the management for collecting bonuses while withholding wage components from employees, stating that collective bargaining is necessary to address these issues. In response to accusations that Vida’s strikes and demands are endangering the industry, Hebenstreit argued that the profits made by Lufthansa show that the company can afford to meet the union’s demands. He emphasized that the AUA workforce should not have to bear the brunt of cost-cutting measures.

Looking to the future, Hebenstreit called for a return to the negotiating table after Easter strikes. He urged AUA board chairwoman Annette Mann to take part in negotiations to find a resolution to

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