Marvell Technology Inc’s Bullish Performance: An In-Depth Analysis of its Short-Term Technical Score and Industry Ranking

Marvell Technology Inc (MRVL) Increases by 1.96%

Marvell Technology Inc (MRVL) experienced an increase of 1.96% in its stock price during pre-market trading on Wednesday morning, bringing the price to $69.6. The short-term technical score for MRVL is 67, indicating that the stock has been trading more bullishly than 67% of other stocks in the market over the past month. In the Semiconductors industry, which is ranked 85 out of 146 industries, MRVL is ranked higher than 74% of stocks.

Over the past month, Marvell Technology Inc has experienced a 1.01% increase and closed at $67.54 on February 28th. The stock’s price during this time period has ranged from $65.06 to $85.76. Analysts have given MRVL an average recommendation of Strong Buy, with an average price target of $87.78. With an Overall Score of 50, MRVL’s performance and ranking can be better understood by learning more about Marvell Technology Inc and its rankings through further information available.

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