Maxeon Fights Back in Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Canadian Solar

Maxeon Solar Technologies Begins Litigation Over TOPCon Patent Infringement

In the Eastern District of Texas, Maxeon Solar Technologies has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Canadian Solar. The lawsuit alleges that Canadian Solar has violated Maxeon’s patents related to its tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) solar cell technology.

Maxeon claims that their innovations in this field are protected by a global patent portfolio, and they are determined to protect their intellectual property. According to associate general counsel Marc Robinson, Maxeon has a long history of developing solar cell technology, and they were early pioneers in the development and commercialization of TOPCon contacts even before the term became popular in the industry.

The company holds numerous patents related to TOPCon technology, with inventions dating back to the 2000s. This lawsuit marks Maxeon’s first action to protect its valuable patent rights in the United States, and they intend to vigorously enforce these rights in the US and other markets.

Maxeon is committed to defending its intellectual property and ensuring that its innovative solar cell technologies are protected. They will continue to take legal action to uphold their patents in order to maintain their position as a leader in solar energy innovation.

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