Navigating Risks: China’s Growing Dependence on Guinea for Bauxite Imports and Aluminum Production

Top Aluminum Producer in the World Faces Supply Challenges in Guinea

As China’s reliance on Guinea for bauxite imports continues to grow, Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd. is aware of the potential risks associated with this heavy dependence. In recent years, Guinea has become the largest exporter of bauxite, with a significant portion of its exports going to China for aluminum production. With Australia and Indonesia being major competitors in the market, China’s dependence on Guinea is expected to increase as its own bauxite production declines and Indonesia restricts exports.

To mitigate these risks, Chalco aims to maintain a steady supply chain from its single mine in Guinea while also exploring opportunities to develop additional mines in the country’s north and collaborate on bauxite projects in other regions. However, there are concerns that Guinea may follow in Indonesia’s footsteps and require foreign companies to establish refineries within the country. This could lead to increased costs and reduced control over the supply chain for Chalco.

Despite reporting a 60% increase in net income last year, Chalco warned of challenges ahead due to slow global economic growth and rising geopolitical risks. The company highlighted issues in the domestic market such as weak demand and uncertain expectations, emphasizing the need to navigate these uncertainties while maintaining a stable supply chain for bauxite production. As tensions continue to rise between major trading partners like China and the United States, it remains uncertain how these geopolitical factors will impact Chalco’s operations in Guinea and beyond.

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