Navigating the Complexity of International Justice in the Age of Conflict: A Conversation with ECFR’s Anthony Dworkin

The importance of international law and justice in a divided world

As the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza continue to rage on, conversations about international law and justice have become more commonplace. These conflicts involve complex debates about territorial claims, the use of force, accountability for wrongdoers before international courts, and the intricacies of international humanitarian law.

In this week’s episode of ECFR’s “The World Today,” host Mark Leonard sits down with senior policy fellow Anthony Dworkin to explore how international law can address these issues and promote justice in a world facing various challenges. They delve into questions about the boundaries of international law, accusations of Western double standards, and potential impacts on justice in different regions across the globe.

Recorded on March 13th, 2024, this episode raises important issues that are relevant not only to Ukraine and Gaza but also to other conflict zones around the world. Additionally, Darrin M. McMahon’s book “Equality: The History of an Elusive Idea” is recommended for further reading on the topic of equality and its historical evolution.

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