Negev Frontline Hospitals: Leading the Charge in Healthcare Delivery and Earning the Respect of the Community

Ben-Gurion University’s ‘President’s Award’ to be presented to hospitals in the south

The Negev region’s frontline and central hospitals have established themselves as critical pillars of healthcare, dedicated to providing top-notch care and saving lives. Their commitment to quality care is reflected in their tireless efforts to recruit medical teams from across the country, creating a collaborative environment that delivers exceptional care to residents and soldiers alike.

In both emergencies and routine situations, these hospitals work closely with their partners to train medical teams, conduct joint research, and address the needs of the region. Their dedication to excellence has earned them deep respect and appreciation from the community. This recognition serves as a testament to their partnership in promoting knowledge and well-being in the Negev and Israel.

Dr. Barenboim, CEO of Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital, expressed his gratitude for the recognition and highlighted the hospital’s outstanding performance during recent challenges. Similarly, Dr. Levy, Director of Barzilai University Medical Center, and Dr. Kodesh, Director of Soroka University Medical Center, thanked the university president for acknowledging their staff’s dedication in providing life-saving treatment during emergencies.

The award will be officially presented at a ceremony in May 2024, celebrating the hospitals’ exceptional contributions to healthcare in the Negev region.

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