New Alcohol Products Unveiled in Kesko and S Group Stores: Boosting Sales and Market Share

Stores anticipate high demand for wines as strong alcoholic beverages go on sale Monday at 9 a.m.

Over the weekend, Kesko and the S Group introduced new alcohol products to their stores. These beverages will be available for sale starting on Monday at 9 o’clock. Both companies have worked to ensure that the new products are widely available throughout the country. Shipments have been sent out to various regions, and most stores will have the products in stock by 9 a.m.

The amendment to the alcohol law, which was approved by Parliament on Wednesday, allows for the sale of alcoholic beverages with a strength of up to eight percent in grocery stores. This change only applies to fermented alcoholic beverages, while the maximum strength of alcohol-based mixed drinks sold in grocery stores remains at 5.5 percent.

Kesko’s director of purchasing and sales, Aki Erkkilä, predicts that white wines will be in high demand following the introduction of these new products. Sparkling and red wines are also expected to be popular, with estimates suggesting that the market for wines with less than eight percent alcohol could triple in the short term and increase to 100 million euros per year in the long term.

The S Group has also introduced new products following the law change, with most stores expected to have them available by Monday. S Group’s grocery store manager, Sampo Top saw, anticipates that white wines and sparkling wines will be in high demand, especially for summer parties. While consumers may try new beers with food, traditional sauna beers with a maximum of 4.7 percent alcohol are likely to remain popular.

Top saw does not expect a significant expansion in the wine market as a result of the law change but acknowledges that consumers in remote areas will benefit from having more options available in nearby stores. Both Kesko and the S Group are prepared for increased demand and look forward to offering customers a wider selection of alcohol products.

In conclusion, Kesko and S Group have successfully introduced new alcoholic products to their stores following changes made to Finland’s alcohol law on Wednesday. The introduction of these new products is expected to boost sales significantly in both companies’ respective markets for wines less than eight percent strong and increase it further into hundreds of millions of euros per year within several years.

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