New Science Projects Director for AKSC Brings Unique Expertise and Experience to Fishing Industry in Alaska

New Science Director Joins Alaska Groundfish Group

Sarah Webster has been appointed as the new science projects director for the Alaska Seafood Cooperative (AKSC), succeeding John Gauvin, who held the position for nearly three decades. Although Gauvin will be retiring soon, he will continue to work with AKSC on some ongoing science projects.

AKSC is a cooperative of Amendment 80 fleet members that fish for flatfish, Pacific Ocean perch, and Atka mackerel in Alaska. As a fisheries scientist with experience working with different species and user groups, Webster is well-equipped to lead AKSC’s science initiatives.

Before joining AKSC, Webster worked as a fisheries scientist at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, where she focused on recreational groundfish research in the charter fishing sector. She also managed the research program at Alaska Pacific University’s Fisheries, Aquatic Science and Technology Program, supporting projects with non-pelagic, pelagic, scallop and charter industries. In addition to her work at APU and NOAA fishery scientists collaborate with AKSC on research projects aimed at modifying fishing practices and gear to minimize bycatch and minimize impacts on marine habitats.

During her tenure on the International Pacific Halibut Commission’s Management Strategy Advisory Board, Webster worked closely with halibut longliners to develop strategies that would help maintain sustainable fishing practices while minimizing bycatch. Her background in Alaska fisheries science and practical experience working with different species and user groups make her an ideal candidate to lead AKSC’s science initiatives in this rapidly changing landscape of fishing industry in Alaska.

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