New Study Finds Alternatives to Milk for Calcium Intake: A Healthier Approach

New Studies Shed Light on Dairy Product Consumption

New article:

Consuming moderate amounts of milk and its products, particularly low-fat and fermented options like yogurt and cheeses with up to 5% fat content, has been linked to numerous health benefits. These foods are a key source of dietary calcium, which is crucial for children’s development and maintaining healthy blood pressure. As a result, health organizations recommend consuming at least three servings of milk and dairy products each day.

However, calcium intake can also come from sources beyond milk. Sardines, soy products, broccoli, cabbage, and full sesame tahini are all excellent alternatives that provide the same nutritional benefits. To maximize absorption rates, it is recommended to spread out calcium consumption throughout the day instead of consuming it all in one meal. Studies have shown that dividing calcium intake into smaller portions can lead to higher absorption rates.

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