New World Foods and The Sidemen Collaborate on SIDES: Healthy Meat Snacks for a Sustainable Future

Sidemen and New World Foods Collaborate to introduce new, healthy meat snacking range

SIDES, the latest addition to Valeo Foods Group’s New World Foods brand, is a collaboration between the popular YouTube group, The Sidemen. These high-protein, low-calorie meat snacks are available in three flavors – Buffalo Chicken, Chipotle Steak, and Korean BBQ Steak. Inspired by The Sidemen’s successful chicken shops that are expanding across the UK, SIDES offers a healthy snacking option to consumers looking for alternatives to the high-calorie, high-sugar snacks available in the market.

The idea behind the SIDES range is to combine the success of New World Food’s Wild West Steak Strip ambient range with the massive appeal of The Sidemen, one of the biggest YouTube creator groups globally. With over 150 million subscribers combined, The Sidemen have ventured into the FMCG space with SIDES being a key part of their global growth strategy.

James Newitt, CEO of New World Foods expressed his excitement about the launch of these three SIDES flavors. This marks the beginning of a range of healthy snacking products aimed at both existing and new meat snacking consumers.

Robin Mehta, CEO of SIDES highlighted that they have created unique flavor profiles by combining their sauces with expertise from Wild West Brand to create a top-notch meat snack range with potential for growth both in UK and internationally.

Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne mentioned how thrilled he was about seeing people enjoy freshly cooked fried chicken at SIDES restaurants and expanding into retail with these healthy snacking options. He added that he was excited to see how these innovative products would be received by customers.

Overall, SIDES represents an exciting opportunity for both Valeo Foods Group and The Sidemen to tap into growing demand for healthy food options while leveraging their respective strengths and expertise.

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