NFL Overtakes NBA as Christmas Day Sports Dominant Force in 2024

NFL Announces Christmas Day Games for 2024 Season

In 2024, the NFL is set to play on Christmas Day, despite it falling on a Wednesday. This decision comes after the league saw a significant increase in viewership for its Christmas tripleheader from 2022 to 2023, with 28.7 million viewers. In contrast, NBA viewership on Christmas Day has been declining. It was clear that the NFL would not give up this opportunity to dominate the holiday viewing day.

NFL executive Hans Schroeder initially claimed that the league would not play on Christmas when the holiday falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday. However, many were skeptical of this plan. While it may have been the initial plan, it was inevitable that it would change due to the competitive nature of the sports industry. The decision to play on Christmas in 2024 signifies a shift in power dynamics between the NFL and NBA on this holiday.

This move indicates that the NFL is determined to claim Christmas Day as its own, leaving behind the NBA’s ratings in its wake. The NFL’s dominance on Christmas is evident, and it seems that this trend will continue in years to come.

The rise in NFL viewership during Christmas has been remarkable. From 2022 to 2023, there was a significant increase in viewers who tuned in for the league’s tripleheader. This trend has been consistent across many holidays and special events, and it appears that viewers are drawn to live sports events during these times.

In contrast, NBA viewership has been declining during Christmas Day over recent years. It seems that basketball fans are less interested in watching games during this time of year than they are during other holidays like Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve.

Despite concerns about competing with other major sports leagues like MLB and NHL for airtime during major holidays like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, the NFL has consistently dominated these days as well. It seems that viewers are drawn to live sports events during these times of year, making them valuable advertising opportunities for companies looking to reach large audiences.

Overall, this move by the NFL signifies a shift in power dynamics between two major sports leagues during one of America’s most popular holiday seasons. While basketball fans may be disappointed by this change, it is likely that many will still tune in for some exciting football games on Christmas Day!

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