Poland and Ukraine: Building Bridges Through Agricultural Disputes and Defence Collaboration

Poland and Ukraine leaders assert progress in resolving agricultural dispute

On Thursday, the heads of government of Poland and Ukraine met in Warsaw to discuss their ongoing agricultural dispute. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk stated that they are seeking solutions that will protect the interests of both Polish and Ukrainian farmers and producers. The dispute arose after Polish farmers protested against what they considered unfair competition from Ukrainian foodstuffs that were exempt from customs duties by the EU since 2022.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Chmygal acknowledged the progress made in lifting the blockade on agricultural exports and stated that Ukraine has accepted the restrictions proposed by the European Commission. He highlighted the establishment of a verification system and export licenses for certain cereals on the Ukrainian side. Chmygal also noted that Ukraine has requested an urgent review of its legislation in the agricultural and transport sectors.

The two Prime Ministers also discussed road transport, which has been a point of contention between the two countries, as well as arms deliveries to Ukraine, reconstruction efforts, and European integration. They signed a joint declaration of cooperation and agreed to create joint defense enterprises in both countries. Poland expressed its willingness to collaborate on the production and modernization of various defense equipment, including helicopters, ammunition, anti-aircraft systems, and tanks.

Despite recent commercial disputes, Poland has been a strong supporter of Ukraine since the Russian offensive in 2022. The two countries are now working towards resolving their differences and strengthening their cooperation in various areas.

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