Revolutionizing Metal Extraction: pH7 Technologies Develops Closed-Loop Process with Minimal Environmental Impact

Innovative technology created to minimize mining’s environmental footprint

A new chemical process is being developed in British Columbia to allow the mining industry to extract critical minerals with minimal environmental impact. The Vancouver-based company, pH7 Technologies, has created a closed-loop process using advanced chemistry to extract and refine critical metals. This process also enables efficient extraction from low-grade resources or difficult substrates in a cost-effective manner.

The metal alloys produced by pH7, including platinum group metals, copper, and tin, are then refined by industrial customers. B.C. Minister of Energy, Mines and Low-Carbon Innovation Josie Osborne praised pH7 for their near net-zero environmental impact in extracting critical metals. pH7 founder and CEO Mohammad Doostmohammadi expressed optimism about the potential for growth and commercialization of their technology, with the support of the Province’s ICE Fund.

pH7 aims to scale the extraction of metals in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner to meet the increasing demand for critical metals in a clean tech future. The company will use $850,000 from the ICE Fund to conduct a pilot project processing 5,000 kilograms of raw materials per day, resulting in approximately 2,500 kilograms of extracted platinum group metals per year. The ICE Fund was established in 2007 to support B.C.’s clean energy sector by funding projects that promote clean renewable energy technologies and reduce fossil fuel consumption to help preserve the environment.

With its innovative technology and supportive government funding, pH7 Technologies is set to revolutionize the way we extract critical minerals while minimizing our environmental impact.

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