Revolutionizing Space Operations: Rapid Resilient Command and Control Program Launched with $1 Billion Contracts

Space Force to award $1 billion contract for ground system software

A new program has been launched by the Space Force’s organization responsible for developing and acquiring technologies at a fast pace. The Rapid Resilient Command and Control (R2C2) program is a small business set-aside contract with an initial five-year base period and a two-year option. The R2C2 program aims to help Space Force and its partners deliver more capabilities in automation, providing a common user experience to operators.

The R2C2 program will support Space Force in scaling up its capacity for prototype integration and enhancing its overall mission readiness. This will enable it to respond quickly to new threats by moving space assets faster. The Space Rapid Capabilities Office sought to hire a group of companies that would support the branch’s effort in developing a next-generation ground system that utilizes a commercial cloud architecture.

Twenty small businesses have been selected for the potential seven-year, $1 billion contract focused on software development. Aalyria Technologies, A.i. Solutions, Defense Unicorns are among those companies that have been awarded the contract under the R2C2 program. Space Force aims to acquire software systems in smaller, incremental pieces rather than in large-scale implementations, which allows for faster integration of systems engineering, integration, and software solutions across multiple satellite programs.

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