Revolutionizing Textile Recycling with Trützschler’s Truecycled Full-Liner System

Textile Recycling Technology Now Available from Trützschler

Trützschler has recently broadened its range of offerings by introducing the first full-liner in textile waste preparation. Collaborating with Balkan Textile Machinery in Turkey, the company has introduced the Truecycled recycling technology after extensive research and development efforts.

According to textile recycling expert Georg Stegschuster, achieving a perfect balance between tearing and spinning preparation is crucial for optimal quality results and to prevent unnecessary fiber shortening. By having control over both processes and possessing the necessary expertise, manufacturers can ensure top-notch end-products.

Stegschuster emphasizes the technological potential for enhancing end-product quality through the right configurations and settings. He points out that there are numerous examples demonstrating the ability to improve the quality of recycled materials, as well as increase the use of pre- or post-consumer waste in yarns without compromising quality standards. Trützschler’s Truecycled system offers a holistic solution covering the entire process, from cutting and tearing textile waste to carding and drawing secondary fibers. This comprehensive approach, combined with Trützschler’s industry knowledge, enables manufacturers to prevent unnecessary fiber shortening and achieve high-quality results.

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