Revolutionizing Weight Loss: Novo Nordisk’s GLP1 Hormone Injections Show Promising Results

All about the upcoming arrival of the Wegobi weight loss shot in Israel

Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical company, has developed weight loss injections originally intended for diabetics that have been found to also lead to appetite suppression and significant weight loss. These injections mimic a hormone called GLP1, which lowers blood sugar levels and works through various mechanisms in the body to promote weight loss.

The first injection, Saxenda, led to an 8% loss of body weight. Ozempic and Vigobi were found to be even more effective for weight loss. The injections work by increasing the secretion of insulin, decreasing the secretion of glucagon, slowing down stomach emptying, and suppressing appetite by affecting the hunger center in the brain.

The Vigobi injection is taken gradually with a dosage of 2.4 milligrams to reduce side effects. These injections will be available in pharmacies and prescribed by private doctors. The cost ranges from NIS 600 to NIS 1,250 depending on the dosage.

Treatment with weight loss injections can be continued as long as necessary and may be stopped at any time. Common side effects include bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and changes in food preferences. The injections are considered safe for most patients and have been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

While these injections can help with weight loss, it’s important to note that a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition and exercise is essential for long-term success. These injections work quickly to suppress appetite and should be complemented by lifestyle changes for optimal results.

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