Senator Susan Collins Urges Prioritization of Mental Health Care for Maine’s Children: A Tour of New “Malone Family Tower” at Maine Medical Center.

Senator Collins highlights urgent demand for mental health support for Maine’s youth

Senator Susan Collins recently discussed the importance of mental health services in Maine after touring the new “Malone Family Tower” at Maine Medical Center. As part of her “Funding Maine’s Future” initiative, she obtained over $3 million for the Kita Commons Mental Health Facility in Acton, which aims to provide a facility for youth impacted by suicide. The Senator highlighted the significant need for mental health resources for Maine’s children, who often end up in hospitals during crisis situations.

Collins expressed concern about children being left in emergency rooms due to lack of available placements. She emphasized that emergency rooms are not the ideal place for those struggling with mental health issues and urged the provision of safe and appropriate care in the right setting for children and individuals coping with mental illness to improve overall outcomes.

The Senator commended Maine Medical Center for their efforts in creating specialized rooms to stabilize mental health patients, leading to a decrease in workplace violence against healthcare workers. Additionally, she mentioned her work in securing funding for Acadia Hospital in Bangor to construct a pediatric wing, further enhancing mental health resources in the state.

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